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   "I was thrilled when I saw that the Music Together® program was going to be offered in this area.  I moved here a couple of years ago from Philadelphia, where my daughter and I had participated in quite a few Music Together® classes.  They are some of my favorite memories of time we spent together when she was a baby/toddler.  

   When we moved up here, I was disappointed there were no classes offered in this area, hence my excitement when I saw Beth's class posting on Facebook!  I brought my five year-old daughter and my two year-old son to her class this semester, and we have all had a blast.  My kids love it.  They sing the songs around the house and ask to listen to the CD all the time.  

   Beth is a wonderful teacher.  She does a great job of engaging the kids (and parents!) and she has a wonderful voice to boot!  I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a fun and engaging activity for their child; and one that will provide ways to educate and entertain your child at home as well." 

Kathy, T-C Music Together Mom

   "Music Together® has been a wonderful way for our 17 month old to experience, learn, and enjoy music.  The classes are so much fun!  It has become such a special time for our family to spend together.  

   Our little one is quickly developing an awareness of rhythm and music.  He can now move with the music by patting his lap, clapping, nodding, and dancing.  He is even learning things like parts of the body and animal noises through the songs we sing.  He loves exploring the rhythm instruments in class - using egg shakers is his favorite!

   Music Together® is part of our everyday life - we love listening to and singing along with the CD.  I often sing our songs when we play, drive in the car, and at bedtime.  The variety of music is fabulous - upbeat songs, silly songs, lullabies, and even songs from a variety of cultures.  It's great to have a different collection of songs for each semester.

    Beth is a fantastic instructor.  We absolutely adore her!  She is friendly, energetic, and makes every session exciting!  Her demeanor with young children is so warm and inviting.  She creates a flexible learning environment, allowing each child to participate in a way that is developmentally appropriate - this is especially helpful when you have an active little boy!  Thank you, Beth, for bringing Music Together® to the Binghamton area!" 

Jamie, T-C Music Together Parent